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Taski chemicals list with its uses

Cleaning and hygiene are the basic requirements of each and every office, workstation, and manufacturing concerns. And Diversey is playing a great role in providing quality products for all types of cleaning purposes. This is the oldest company which is taking advance moves for developing quality products for the purpose of cleaning purposes. 

The company produces different types of chemicals and machinery for this purpose.

Taski chemicals list are described below from R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9 in the below-described details the uses of each product is below.

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Taski chemicals list with their uses-

R1/ Cleaning and Sanitising of Bathroom Cleaners

The chemical is specially developed for cleaning and sanitizing of bathrooms which is very helpful in removing existing stains on sinks, tub tiles, and floor cleanings. The scented products do not contain any abrasive or bleach. It is also very useful and safe for bathroom fittings, marbles, and granites. This comes in a single pack of 5ltr with a great smell.

R2/ All-purpose cleaner

This is a one-man army for all types of stains as it can be used for cleaning all types of strong and easy stains from all types of surfaces whether it is from floor, glass, and other hard surfaces. The product is of great quality and comes in a pack of 5ltr with a great impact on dark stains.

R3/ Glass cleaner

This is one of the best glass cleaners that helps in cleaning glass and leaves no spots on fingers and removes oily soils from the glass planes. It is very fast and easy to wipe off options. It only requires 20-50ml in 1ltr which is very clean and soft. This liquid can be used for cleaning all types of glass and slippery surfaces.

R4/ Furniture cleaner

Furniture cleaner is the basic requirement for any office for cleaning the furniture. And R4 is one of the best furniture cleaners that helps in increasing the wooden life and leaves a lustrous sheen on furniture. The usage of furniture cleaner is very easy and simple to use. The product comes in a 5ltr pack at very affordable pricing.

R5/ Air freshener 

Air freshener is the requirement of each office and taski produces all types of liquid for the completion of one’s need. The freshener provides a soothing smell that lasts for a long duration. It features a delightful floral perfume that rides off bad odor and refreshes the place with sweet-smelling air.

R6/ Toilet bowl cleaner

Taski is also producing toilet bowl cleaner which is very hard and helps in removing the limescale build-up. The squeeze bottle helps in the fast and easy application of this toilet cleaner on the dark stains on toilet rims. And the shape of the bottle is as good as it can pour the toilet cleaner to the uneasy places in the toilet seats.

R7/ Floor cleaner concentrated

The R7 floor cleaner concentrate is very useful for cleaning the stagnant stain of grease and oils on floors and surfaces. The liquid chemical can be used for harsh cleaning of hard surfaces and machinery parts. It can be used for cleaning all the spots like this.

R8/ Kettle Descaler 

This is one of the best cleaners that are very much helpful in cleaning all types of dishes and can remove all the stains from the dish without rubbing and scrubbing the surfaces. This is one of the liquid cleaners that can be used to remove stains that are for a long duration on crockery and kettles.   

R9/ Removal of hard stains from Bathroom Walls and Fittings

This is the only chemical that can remove stains of water from bathroom walls and fittings. The chemical is specially developed for cleaning all sink tub tiles and other fittings. The usage of these cleaning agents is very simple here we can directly pour on the surface and clean the spot of the stagnant water on walls.


In the above-discussed paragraph, we have fully described the different types of chemicals produced by Taski Diversey in which we have deeply described the uses and the purpose of the given product. And there are different types of cleaners for multiple uses.

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