Compliance policy

Compliance is the basic policies that every firm should be complied of and must work with the given ethics and set of rules.

Who are we compliance with?

Officio platform is compliant with all the set of rules developed by our parent company Thave Group like return policy, maintaining our clients confidential, work ethics which must be followed by all our working team.

We are also compliant with the set of rules developed by the government for the usage of plastic bags, the entry and no entry timing in few areas for timely delivery.

What does this mean to our clients?

As you are using this platform which is an e-commerce platform developed by Thave Group so we are also compliant so that our clients are not facing any type of problem. We appoint a specific relationship manager for each client for better dealing and servicing. We are also compliant to send and receive the respected ledger to each of our clients to cross check their balance and make timely payments.

Last but not the least!

Thave Group and officio e-commerce platform that will deliver all the products that are eco friendly and are passed by the government to be used in a free way. For example when the government has banned all garbage bag below 50 micron and after getting the order from our respected clients we straightforwardly denies any of the deliverables that are banned or stopped to be sold in the open market.