All about Officio

Before understanding all about Officio we must understand the current Indian business model. Today the Indian business is shifting from an offline mode to an online mode. And the business owners are shifting their business model from an offline mode to an online mode. As you see that Amazon is one of the greatest online platforms that help small vendors to make their sales via their platform. 

But after this also many online eCommerce platforms are being developed for this purpose and Officio is one of them. From this platform, Thave group is supplying all types of office requirements i.e office stationery, housekeeping, pantry, and IT products at affordable rates.

Why choose Officio for office supply?

Officio is the emerging online platform that is serving the whole Delhi/NCR for all types of office stationery, housekeeping, pantry items, and IT accessories at affordable rates. They are working for the previous ten years in the market and are providing to many of its prominent clients from Jubilant, Samsung, Casio, NDTV, and many of the prominent ones. The best thing about this group is that they supply all types of products at your doorstep free of cost.

Who are the prospective buyers of Officio?

Officio is mainly an office product supplier who supplies all types of office products to all the offices in Delhi/NCR. Mainly the buyers are those offices who are having all types of basic requirements like office stationery, pantry, housekeeping, and other IT products suppliers. In the meantime, they have a website for taking and placing orders.

What type of service are they offering?

They are supplying all types of office products like stationery, housekeeping, IT products at very affordable rates. We are offering all types of products at one place under a single roof in which they are also supplying every place.

Thave Enterprises are pleased to introduce ourselves as One Stop Solution Company who serves in office products supplies. We supply quality products in a wide range of categories like Office Stationery, Housekeeping Materials, IT Accessories, Pantry Items, COVID-19 items & Packaging Materials under one roof.

Presently we are associated with more than 2200 corporate clients including Embassies, Govt Businesses, Multinationals Companies, and Indian Corporate, etc

We are compliant enough as directed by Govt of India, We are a Registered supplier of MSME & FSSAI also for NSEZ/STP unit’s related purchases we will provide all billing under LUT.


Officio is the supplier of office stationery in which they supply all types of stationery, housekeeping and cleaning items, other IT accessories at a very reasonable rate in the whole Delhi/NCR. And Thave is one of the office stationery supplier in Delhi for this purpose.

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