Pocket Notebooks Ultimate Guide To The Best

We’ve put together a list of some of the best stationery items list to follow on the Internet. Like us, these people are nuts about analogue and their blogs are some of the best places to get honest reviews and expert opinions about the latest in the stationery world. You may have already come across a few of these blogs, and hopefully you’ll find some new gems to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for indepth reviews of niche products, BuJo inspiration or just some gorgeous images of stationery to dribble over, here’s Pocket Notebooks’ guide to our favourite blogs about stationery. office product supplier in noida

The Office Stationary Supplier In Delhi to follow (according to us):

Nib & Muck

Nib & Muck was founded by self-proclaimed stationery junkie Laura who began her blogging career as a tea blogger, and then progressed to blogging about stationery when she found herself veering towards the pen and paper over electronic devices to note down blog ideas in the early hours. Follow if you want stationery reviews to read as though your funniest, friendliest friend has written them.

The Pen Addict

Both a podcast and a blog, The Pen Ad  dict is ideal to follow if you like your reviews and stationery discussions to be detailed, and girthy. No flowery chats or unnecessary offshoots here. Just straight to the point information based on experience, knowledge and a clear passion for high-quality products.


The Gentleman Stationer

This is the perfect blog for a lover of the traditional. If you like writing with your classic fountain pen with a vintage whisky in tow, then you’ll love the fact the blogger behind The Gentleman Stationer is likely writing the blog doing the same thing. The reviews started focusing on fountain pens but have now branched out to different pens, pencils, notebooks and sometimes typewriters. This is the ideal blog for the analogue loving traditionalist.

Pen Paper Pencil

Creative language, beautiful descriptions and a clear and unique passion for stationery awaits you in this friendly blog. Pen Paper Pencil is the perfect choice for creatives and out of the box thinkers.

All Things Stationery

A modern stationery addicts blog, All Things Stationery is where you go to get up to date with the very latest in stationery. Not only will you get the most up to the second reviews and product launch information, but you’ll also get cool interviews, shop reviews and everything in between related to the most modern stationery news.

Wood And Graphite

They say there are seven different ways of learning and taking in information, and one of those ways is visually. If you find you get more excited by images than words, then Wood And Graphite is your gateway to all things stationery. It is, stationery porn, if you will. It is the perfect quiet place to appreciate vintage buys and the ‘feel’ of classic stationery caught in wonderful photographs.

Discover Analog

A fantastic blog for the ‘working stationery lover’, Eddy Hope is not only raising money for charity (you can help via the blog), but helping you manage a vastly technological life via analogue tools. This is an amazing outlet for those somewhat suffocated and bogged down by a life in front of a screen. If you work in an office most of the time and feel like you’re drowning in technology, come and take a breath over at Discover Analogue.

Ooh I Love Your Notebook

Whereas a lot of stationery blogs have a focus on the products themselves, Ooh I Love Your Notebook is very much about the lifestyle and the passion that goes with a love of notebooks, pens and everything around, about and in between. Ideal for those just getting into the world of stationery, and those so deeply in love with it they want to immerse themselves in the words of others just as invested as they are.

The Finer point

A really bright blog, with lovely reviews and product mentions, The Finer Point is an airy place for you to relax and learn about the latest additions to the stationery market, whilst reading about the personal experiences of using stationery from insightful blogger Jenny Mason.


Ultra-modern and highly, highly detailed, this is no beginners pen blog. Visit Inklode for deeply, deeply committed insights into the world of pens and associated events. If you’re knowledgeable and interested enough, there’s some fantastic insights into rare pens and inks.

Gourmet Pens

A positive, fair and light-hearted review site, you can expect to read about a wide variety of stationery products on the Gourmet Pens site. There’s a lovely link to the further community from the site, as well as a wonderful little section on cats the owner has, should you fancy a little break from pads and pens.

Well Appointed Desk

If you like your stationery blogs to include nods to decor, environment, lifestyle and the general emotion of life, then this is the ideal blog for you. As well as detailed product reviews you can enjoy pieces on why analogue is best, pieces on working environments and a general vibe of ‘stationery enhances your life in many ways’. Well Appointed Desk also supports the community in various ways to is ideal if you want to meet or be around others who share your passion for stationery.

Goulet Pens

Goulet Pens is the perfect blog for all different levels of stationery lovers. From those who like to include nice pens and paper in everyday life, to those who want to go deep on ink and rare pens, you can expect a bit of everything here. The education section is particularly handy for getting into the depths of history and the what’s what of various aspects of stationery.

UK Fountain Pens

UK Fountain Pens is perfect for people who are passionate about fountain pens, and want to be in the company of somebody who is just as passionate. This is not a beginners blog, but it is a ‘safe place’ for fountain pen addicts to go and totally and utterly nerd one off in peace. It is unashamedly, openly and proudly a blog all about fountain pens, in any way you can possibly talk about them.


There’s a whole world of stationery blogs to devour out on the world wide web (www), so we’ll keep on adding to this list as we go. Seen something you think we should know about? Hit us with your favourite stationery blogs to follow – we’re always on the lookout for something new.