How to use Lever Arch Box File?

Less or more paper documents are essential part of our day to day work life. Many of us easily fall in the situation where we can’t find important document at right time. Pile of unsorted documents makes your workplace clutter.

s Lever Arch Box File. Office stationery supplier in Noida

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Lever Arch Box File is a wide spine box file with lever arch steel clip to hold approximately 300 to 400 75GSM papers.  Wide spine makes it vertically stand perfectly. Office stationery wholesaler, Office products wholesaler, Office stationer supplier in Gurgaon, Office products  In India sometimes it is called just Box File as it resembles a small box.

How to use Lever Arch Box File?
Cobra File
Buy online some good quality Box File. It is best to Number each file and name it according to its content. If you want to make several partitions, get some File Separator. Separator comes in alphabets A to Z and Number 1 to 6, 1 to 12 and 1 to 31 you may choose any one of them according to your requirement. Separator includes index page that makes documents easy to find. Open Box File and insert separators and index page on top. Sort the paper documents and insert it into the designated place.  Now close it and keep it in stand or cupboard vertically and in order. Cobra File , Office stationery supplier in Noida .

Suppose you have some important documents that cannot be punched, you can use sheet protector to insert such documents into it and file it.
Go ahead and file it immediately and make your work life clutter free and happy.