Best Housekeeping material supplier in Delhi/NCR


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Housekeeping is the basic requirement for each and every office whether they are big or small. Each and every office requires a housekeeping material supplier for purchasing their daily requirements. The major cleaning products are spray bottles, cleaning clothes, duster, major cleaning equipment, air quality control equipment, and many more. And there are multiple housekeeping material suppliers in Delhi/NCR but here are some major suppliers which must be kept in mind while purchasing housekeeping materials.

Housekeeping material supplier in Delhi/NCR

While selecting any supplier for your housekeeping materials than before this we must consider some major points for the selection of housekeeping material suppliers for once business.

Payment term of business- Before selecting a supplier for housekeeping material the company must know about the payment term of the vendor. In this, the company must be aware of the fact about how long is the duration for the payment.

Delivery terms- While selecting a housekeeping supplier then you must keep in mind the delivery time of your products. And you must also know the delivery pricing as are they free or paid.

Services- The third and most important factor is the services in which it must be checked whether the vendor is providing any type of relationship manager support for any type of grievance and suggestions.

Best Housekeeping material supplier in Delhi/NCR

Thave Enterprises (Having an online e-commerce platform-

Thave Enterprises is one of the best suppliers of all types of office requirements like office stationery, housekeeping items, pantry items, and IT accessories. The company provides all types of housekeeping items that are required for cleaning all types of surfaces in offices and other co-working spaces. The product may be from cleaning supplies (i.e spray bottle, cleaning clothes, duster, brooms, and brushes, etc), cleaning equipment (i.e vacuums, flooring machine, and others). Thave group is also providing air quality controllers and fresheners for removing odor smell and for keeping your area free from trash dustbin and trash liners are also available. 

Thave Enterprises are pleased to introduce ourselves as One Stop Solution Company who serves in office products supplies. We supply quality products in a wide range of categories like Office Stationery, Housekeeping Materials, IT Accessories, Pantry Items, COVID-19 items & Packaging Materials under one roof.

Presently we are associated with more than 2200 corporate clients including Embassies, Govt Businesses, Multinationals Companies, and Indian Corporate, etc

We are compliant enough as directed by Govt of India, We are a Registered supplier of MSME & FSSAI also for NSEZ/STP unit’s related purchases we will provide all billing under LUT.

Major cleaning brands that thave enterprises are supplying are-

Diversey chemical- This is one of the most popular brands and remains at the heart of the machine range for giving a deep cleaning to all dark spots from the machines. The major popular products that are used for housekeeping cleaning are R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, and the Suma Multi. In all of these R2 is the prominent one that is more likely purchased by major users. The popularity of this product is high because it has a deep effect and has a great impact on old grease and dust.   

SGS Herbal- This is also one of the prominent cleaners while you are talking about housekeeping the range starts from K1 to K9 which is also having different types of products for uses on different surfaces and it also provides different types of sanitizer under the K’triq Centella brand and is also used for cleaning different surfaces in the office.

3m productsThave enterprises also deliver housekeeping material that is helpful in cleaning the canteen’s working space. The general products that are delivered by thave are scrubber, hand gloves, wipers, and many other products that are used in cleaning or keeping your area clean and free from dust.

There are also some types of general products that are listed in housekeeping material they may include soft broom, hard broom, floor duster, Dettol handwash, Pril liquid, hit spray, Harpic, Phenyl, and many other cleaning materials. 


While selecting housekeeping material suppliers you must consider the above-stated points and after accessing all of these you must select your vendor. But according to my opinion, Thave enterprises is the best as it stands with all the points as their payment term is for 30 days and they deliver your products at your doorstep. They too provide a relationship manager who takes all the grievances and suggestions and keeps their client free from hassle. Just place your order to get the best response.

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