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Writing instruments are among the most essential tools for any office worker. From ballpoint pens to highlighters, knowing the right vocabulary for these items can help you communicate effectively with your colleagues . In addition, understanding the names of common office furniture items, such as desks, chairs, and filing cabinets, can help you navigate the […]

List of office stationery

Everyone wants to open their own business after the happenings done in this pandemic. A huge number of the population lose their job and feel financial insecurity because of dependency on others. But the situation has been changed drastically after this situation. So for the setting an office we have added a descriptive office stationery […]

Apsara Platinum Kit

– A pack of apsara platinum kit with 2 pencils, 1 non-dust eraser,

– 1piece pointed sharpener, 1piece non-dust eraser, 15cm scale Delux scale, 1 Apsara point saver ca