Thave Perfect E-Loader Rikshaw


Thave Perfect E-Loader Rikshaw is a revolutionary mode of urban transportation that seamlessly combines power, efficiency, and sustainability.



Thave Perfect E-Loader Rikshaw is a cutting-edge and efficient transportation solution designed for urban and suburban environments. Powered by a robust 1500-watt motor, specifically the high-performance 999/CY Gold, this electric rikshaw boasts an impressive 130 AH battery from Eastman/Hiflow, ensuring extended range and reliability. Equipped with a fast-charging capability facilitated by the Eastman/UTL charger, it minimizes downtime for operators. The Thave Perfect E-Loader Rikshaw features durable and traction-friendly tires from reputable brands like TVS, Bedrock, and Ceat, ensuring a smooth and secure ride. With a focus on longevity and reliability, this electric rikshaw is poised to redefine sustainable urban mobility.

E- Loader Specifications
Model Thave Perfect Loader
Body Type Metal (MS)
Motor CY Gold / 999
Motor Type Brushless
Motor Warranty 6 Months
Motor Power 1500 Watt
Tyre Brand Ceat / TVS / Bedrock
Tyre Size 3.75 / 12
Speed 25 Km / h
Controller 999 / CY Gold
Controller Warranty 6 Months
Controller Power 55 Volt
Loader Trolley Size 6′ X 4″
Differential Brand 999 / CY
Battery Brand Eastman / Hiflow
Battery Power 130 AH
Battery Warranty 1 Year
Charger Brand Eastman / UTL
Mileage 100 – 120 Km
Load Capacity 600 – 700 Kg
Wiring 10 mm
Differential Size 42″
Chasis Warranty 6 Months
Charger Warranty 2 Years